Home for Life Advantage Completes Stairlift Installations at Homes Throughout Arlington Heights, IL

Stairlift Arlington Heights ILHome for Life Advantage is pleased to offer a wide selection of stairlift options to homeowners in Arlington Heights, Illinois, and surrounding areas. We have indoor and outdoor options, as well as straight and curved models, so you’ll be sure to find the perfect fit for your home.

Do You Need a Stairlift?

If you have trouble getting up and down the stairs, you may have wondered whether you would benefit from having a stairlift installed at your home. A stairlift is a great idea for seniors and anyone else who’s facing mobility limitations. Even if you’re usually able to climb and descend the stairs with ease, a stairlift will come in handy for those times when you’re carrying a laundry basket or another bulky item that could obstruct your vision and lead to a fall. Stairlifts provide a much-needed sense of freedom and independence, and can often mean the difference between staying at home and being forced to move into a smaller house or an assisted living facility.

Why Choose Us?

At Home for Life Advantage, we understand that you have several choices when it comes to stairlift installers. But, we’re confident that we’re the right company for the job. Something that sets us apart from other stairlift installers in the area is our extensive experience with construction. Although Home for Life Advantage was founded in 2010, our team has been working in the construction and remodeling industry since 1985. Our many years in the business have provided us with the skills needed to handle every aspect of a stairlift installation, whether that involves moving a railing, setting up a new power outlet, or anything else. So, while other companies will install a stairlift but refuse to do any of the ancillary work, we’ll do everything needed to get your new stairlift up and running. Plus, if you ever decide to move out of your home, we can uninstall your stairlift, move it to your new home, and reinstall it there.

Learn More

For more information about having a stairlift installed at your Arlington Heights, IL, home, please contact Home for Life Advantage today. And, for those who use a wheelchair, we also offer top-of-the-line chairlifts.

About Us

Here at Home For Life Advantage, we pride ourselves on being the leading provider of ADA accessibility equipment in the Greater Chicago area. Serving people with disabilities and seniors desiring to remain independently living in their homes. We also supply and install accessibility equipment in commercial buildings.